IEEE Global Communications Conference
4–8 December 2023 // Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Call For Papers


IEEE GLOBECOM Workshop on Information Security in Space-Aerial-Terrestrial Integrated Networks

4-8 December 2023 // Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Call for Workshop Papers

Nowadays, standard machine learning approaches require centralizing the training data on a single data center or cloud. Since massive data samples need to be uploaded to the data center, transmission delay can be very high and user privacy is not guaranteed in standard centralized machine learning approaches. However, low-latency and privacy requirements are important in emerging application scenarios, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, extended reality (XR) services, and autonomous driving, which makes centralized machine-learning approaches inapplicable. Moreover, due to limited communication resources, it is impractical for all the wireless devices that are engaged in learning to transmit all of their collected data to a data center that uses a centralized learning algorithm for data analytics or network self-organization. Therefore, it becomes increasingly attractive to deploy learning algorithms at edge devices, called edge learning.  Suitable topics for this workshop include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Novel visions, concepts, and theories of information security in SATIN
  • Promising models, protocols, and architectures for secure communications in SATIN
  • Detection, estimation, and measurement of secure channels in SATIN
  • Security in SATIN assisted by reconfigurable smart surfaces
  • Secure communications in IoRT based on SATIN
  • Massive secure access in SATIN
  • Cooperation and relaying enabled secure communication in SATIN
  • Deep/reinforcement learning enabled secure communications in SATIN
  • Secure and intelligent Blockchain-aided secure communications in SATIN
  • Quantum secure communication architectures and design principles in SATIN


Submission Guidelines

  • Paper submission: Aug 12, 2023
  • Acceptance notification: September 1, 2023


Submission Guidelines

The workshop accepts only original and previously unpublished papers. All submissions must be formatted in standard IEEE camera-ready format (double-column, 10pt font). The maximum number of printed pages is six including figures without incurring additional page charges (6 pages plus 1 additional page allowed with a charge for the one additional page of USD 100 if accepted). 


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