IEEE Global Communications Conference
4–8 December 2023 // Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Call for Industry Panels

A Panel aims at bringing together Speakers from industry and academia, encompassing several sectors, to discuss a timely and relevant topic of interest to conference participants.

The information for a Panel should follow the guidelines, available below, indicating the following information in the template available below:

  • Moderator’s Name
  • Moderator’s Institution
  • Moderator’s Email
  • Moderator’s Phone Number
  • Moderator’s CV
  • Panel Title
  • Motivation and Context
  • Questions
  • Speakers List
  • Speakers’ CV
  • Speakers’ Email
  • Speakers’ Photo

The information should be sent via email to Industry Forums & Exhibitions Chairs,, as a *.DOC attachment.

Download the Panels Guidelines here
Download the Template Document here


Deadline for submission of proposals: 30 Jun 2023
Notification on acceptance of proposals: 31 July 2023
Deadline for confirmation of all speakers: 18 September 2023
Deadline for final full information: 2 October 2023

To allow enough time for discussion in the Panel, which is its main goal, the following structure
should be followed:

  • The Panel should not have more than 4 Speakers, 5 being the maximum, plus the Moderator.
  • The Organiser is supposed to be the Moderator. There should be only 1 Moderator.
  • The Organiser has to establish a few questions to be addressed by Speakers.
  • The Moderator gives a 10-minute introduction presentation at the beginning of the panel.
  • Speakers should address the questions posed, in a 10-minute presentation each (very strict time control!). Basically, the presentation should consist of 6 slides, i.e., the cover slide plus one per question.

Participation of Speakers

The conference is aimed at in-person attendance, hence, Moderator and Speakers are expected to participate in person as well. Due to travel restrictions, a maximum of 1 Speaker (not the Moderator) is allowed to participate remotely, as an exception.

Presentations from Moderators and Speakers should be uploaded to a local computer prior to the beginning of the session, being given live at the session.
Diversity in the composition of panels must be taken into account.

Panels will be held during the conference programme, in parallel to other technical sessions,
including industry ones.

A Panel occupies one conference time-slot, i.e., 1h30.

Public information
The following information will be made public:

  • Moderator’s Name
  • Moderator’s Institution
  • Moderator’s CV
  • Panel Title
  • Motivation and Context
  • Questions
  • Speakers List
  • Speakers’ CV
  • Speakers’ Photo

The following criteria will be taken into consideration for the evaluation and ranking of Panels proposals:

  1. Relevance
  2. Timeliness
  3. Technical Content
  4. Novelty
  5. Overall Recommendation.

Panels Co-Chairs will conduct the evaluation.

The following apply to Panel Moderator and Speakers:

  • If attendance is only for the day of the Panel, s/he gets a complimentary One Day Registration.
  • If attendance goes beyond the day of the Panel, s/he gets a discount on the Full Registration.

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